Mackenzie Thomas Wildlife and Adventure Photographer

July 10, 2020

Mackenzie Thomas Wildlife and Adventure Photographer

Mackenzie Thomas graduated with a diploma in Outdoor Adventure Education. His interests are photography, environmental interpretation, tracking, wilderness skills and leadership.  He is a passionate guide and loves sharing the great Canadian wilderness with guests. He is an avid photographer who is always willing to share his knowledge and how to get the best photo possible. This year he has the privilege of being published in local publications as well as featured in this year’s Canadian Geographic Ultimate Canadian Instagram Photos book. 

Mackenzie has spent the past 3 years in Whistler where he started his guiding journey as a zipline guide displaying his safety skills and love of sharing knowledge about the area and local wildlife. When not on safari you will find Mackenzie photographing wildlife and or action sports. Mackenzie is an nature enthusiast who grew up in Ontario enjoying the outdoors and participating in a multitude of sports and activities.

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