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Jason Coleman - Lead Guide A rare combination of explorer, academic and artist, Jason spends half the year leading photo safaris in his home town of Whistler BC, and the other half following academic pursuits. A recent graduate of Harvard University, Jason achieved the highest academic  honors by graduating with distinction at the top of the 2018 graduating class. He’s also an award-winning graduate of the Western Academy of Photography with over two decades of commercial photography experience and still maintains a select group of commercial clients. Jason may well have logged more time observing bears and their natural habitat throughout Whistler's Callaghan Valley than anyone else, and his exclusive agreement with the Whistler Olympic Park provides unprecedented access. His unique perspective and fascinating ability to offer up plenty of bear related anecdotes make his tour unforgettable.

Joel Lycklama is a professional hiking and back country guide with decades of experience leading adventurers of all ages into the wilderness. Joel attended Mount Royal University for his BA in Eco Tourism and Outdoor Leadership. He enjoys traditional climbing, ice climbing, caving, kayaking, mountaineering, wilderness first aid and wilderness survival. Joel has traveled extensively but mostly has a passion for his home, Whistler. When not on Safari Joel can be found on overnight hiking trips in the mountains or working with adults and youth through the many social programs he is involved with including emergency social services.

Andrea Esteves is originally from Montreal, Quebec. She has been living in Whistler for 10 years now and originally came here to pursue her passion for snowboarding. Not long after, she discovered how beautiful summer is in the mountains and decided to make Whistler her forever home. When she isn't out on the field being a safari guide, she can be found kayaking on the local lakes and rivers or hiking up steep mountains. She loves to share her enthusiasm for the outdoors with people and also through her stunning outdoor photography. For her, the expression on people's faces when they also fall in love with Whistler is priceless. @adv_bird

Richard Quirk grew up in Manchester, UK spending summertime holidays in the beautiful rockies in the US and BC’s coastal mountains. After university he took a 3 month holiday in Banff to learn how to be a ski instructor, 16 years later he is still enjoying that “holiday”. He has always loved photography and nature. Photographing bears in their natural environment has become my favourite media. In my downtime you can usually find me on 2 wheels. Mountain, Gravel or Road biking around the beautiful sea to sky! @quirky__photos

Keiran Marchand As a biathlete that was born and raised in Nelson, Keiran spent the majority of his childhood exploring the backcountry, fascinated by the landscapes and wildlife. He moved to Whistler to join the Whistler Nordic Development centre and train full time for biathlon with dreams to represent Canada at the Olympics. Keiran spends his summers exploring as well as training and winters travelling to compete. He has spent countless hours in Whistler Olympic Park in both summer and winter where he develops his photography skills and passion for sharing this incredible venue with guests. @keiran_marchand
Nicholas Gabruch was born and raised in the prairies of Saskatchewan, but quickly grew a passion for mountains and the mountain lifestyle. He thrives hiking deep in the backcountry, rock climbing, mountain biking and skiing. Nich is a self-taught taught semi-professional photographer who is passionate about landscape and astrophotography and has led multiple photo workshops in exciting locations. The other part of Nich’s life is academic based, he has obtained degree majoring in physiology and pharmacology and is aiming for a career in medicine. He has spent guiding aerial trekking in Revelstoke and is excited for every opportunity to share the outdoors with others. @nichgabruch
Sherry Hilliard  Sherry has been leading bear safaris for several years and has intimate knowledge of the habitat. She is pursuing a Bachelor Of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management at Royal Roads University while managing Whistler Photo Safaris and raising her family in Whistler. Having an extensive background in the film and television industry, a passion for business start ups she is thrives on the fast pace of Bear Safaris and tries to hibernate when the bears do. @sherry_hilliard